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Be it parsley or mint, oregano, lavender or sage,  if you love all the herbs, welcome to our page! Here at Rockingham Acres Garden Center in Derry NH, not only do we adore the magical world of herbs,  we also have a wonderful selection of these timeless plants to enhance your gardening adventures. Here at Rockingham Acres, we believe that herbs are a necessity to any garden, and can creatively be used and enjoyed in many ways. From a natural ‘aromatherapy’ lift garnered from a pinch of a fragrant lavender branch, to the refreshing flavor of mint leaves perking up your morning cup of tea, herbs can been used in countless and delightfully creative ways to enhance everyday life.

Herbs unique uses can be traced back to ancient times and records have included aromatic, culinary, medicinal and ornamental applications. Back in the early days, herb gardens were actually the primary source for flavoring, seasoning and preserving foods.  In a time when organic was the only way! The need and desire for homegrown herbs, however, greatly declined with the developement of modern grocery stores. Today, with such a focus and desire for “natural and organic”, many gardeners are rediscovering the joy and pleasure of producing their own herbs.

Rockingham Acres is happy to educate and enthrall you with their many possibilities, along with teaching you how to care for them.

As defined from a botanical perspective, an herb is any seed plant that does not produce a woody stem like a tree. Herbs will live long enough to develop flowers and seeds. Most herbs can be grown from seed. Herbs can be grown in a traditional garden, and also be  in containers, window boxes, or hanging baskets. Keep in mind, the latter methods will require more mindful care, especially when it comes to watering.

Among the popular mentioned categories- Culinary herbs have proven themselves to be most loved and sought out by herb gardeners, since they contribute such a wide range of tantalizing additions when preparing fresh and appetizing dishes. Some of these particular herbs, because of their characteristic strong flavors, are generally used in small quantities only.  a few of the above could include oregano, sage, thyme, and rosemary. Another special fact to keep in mind is that fresh herbs generally add ‘coolness’ to a dish, where as dried herbs lend a ‘warmer’ flavor. Homegrown herbs are always great to have on hand, as they can be cut and used fresh, or dried for later. Nothing like home grown and dried rosemary on hand in the winter to add visual interest and warm flavor to timeless ‘comfort food’ dishes; my favorite being roasted baby carrots. You can find this, and other special recipes in our Recipe Section.

Parsley is often grown in the largest amount, as it is used mostly as a garnish. Until now. A little known fact on parsley is that it is  rich in Vitamin K, an essential nutrient sometimes difficult to get. A serving of just 2 tablespoons of parsley has an amazing 153% of the RDA of vitamin K, which is necessary for the synthesis of osteocalcin, a protein that strengthens the composition of our bones. Vitamin K also prevents calcium build-up in our tissue that can lead to atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and stroke, all which are unfortunately a real concern for the typical American. One might add fresh parsley to salads, or even to smoothies for its cleansing and detoxing properties.

Another desirable herb that we carry is sage . Sage is an important flavoring in pork  based sausage, among other traditional dishes including spaghetti sauce. Our other popular culinary herbs include chives, savory, marjoram, mint, and basil. We hope you enjoyed our little lesson on some of the amazing varieties of herbs and their uses, and we invite you to visit us here at Rockingham Acres for additional information. As you can see, growing your own herbs will lend a wonderful addition to your gardens- bringing color, fragrance and organic flavor to your world!