Wave Petunia For Sale

Wave Petunia Flowering Baskets For Sale in Derry NH (603) 434-2817

Rockingham Acres has a various selection of Wave Petunia for sale for all your gardening needs.  The Wave Petunia became popular only about 10 years ago because of their ability to spread rapidly and fill in large areas displaying a multitude of beautiful colors.

Unlike, standard Petunias, wave petunias for sale in Derry NH at Rockingham Acres are more disease tolerant and stand up better in warmer and cooler temperatures. Not only are wave petunias for sale in Derry NH great for our New England climate, but they bounce back quick after a heavy rain storm. They are a very low growing plant and will spread approximately 3 to 4 feet per Wave Petunia; this makes them great for annual ground cover.

The Wave Petunia is a very low maintenance plant that’s perfect for the individual with a busy lifestyle.

Wave Petunia for sale in Derry NH Color Assortments include:

Blue Wave Petunia

Purple Wave Petunia

Pink Wave Petunia

Rose Wave Petunia

White Wave Petunia